Poly Systems is proud to present a full line of cleaning solvents, chemicals and agents to serve the dry-cleaning and wet-cleaning industry.

Our products are better than those that were developed years ago for perchloroethylene dry-cleaning.
The product system has been engineered to reduce the cost and confusion among fabric cleaning professionals.

We hope that with our system there will be a significant reduction of inventories of chemicals at garment, fabric cleaning plants and will stream-line production and bring about efficiency and savings.


Full line of spot removing and stain lifting facilitators:

Fabrenew™ – Basic spot removing agents to handle a variety of dirt and unwanted deposits.

  • Fabrenew™
    Dryside 1™: For most oil stains.
    Dryside 2™: For tougher oil, grease, and paint stains.
    Dryside 3™: For the toughest Dry-Side stains such as nail polish.

  • Fabrenew™
    Wetside A™: Handles the Wet Side Tannin (acidic) stains, such as wine.
    Wetside B™: To handle the Wet Side Protein (basic) stains, such as egg.

Fabrisolv™ – Dry cleaning fluids and solvents.
Fabrisoap™ – Detergents for injection/charging to work with Fabrisolv™ XL
Fabristarch™ – Additives, sizing-agents, to add body to fabrics.
Fabrisoft™ – Softeners for fabrics reduce wrinkles, relax fabric stress.
Fabribrite™ – Enhance the colors of the fabric and gives it a face lift.


Please refer to each individual Data Sheet to learn more. Material Safety Data Sheet is available for every single product. Stain removal chart with various sequences and individual explanation is available for any Fabrisolv™ XL user.


For special stubborn stains:

Fableach™ – Precision whitening agents
Fabrirust™ – Rust removal agents
Fabripro™ – Stain-consuming enzymes.

Stainlift™ – Pre-treatment agents and special spot removal techniques.

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