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Fabrisolv™ XL Technical Datasheet


So what exactly is Fabrisolv™ XL?

Fabrisolv™ XL is a dry-cleaning solvent based on n-Propyl-Bromide (nPB,) a relatively young cleaning solvent. Solvents based on nPB have been used for more than a decade in other cleaning applications, mostly in precision cleaning of metals in electronic, medical, military aviation & aerospace applications. These solvents have been recently approved by the EPA under SNAP.  What makes it so appealing to the environment is its very short lifespan in the air; it also leaves the ground quick.

This same phenomenon makes it necessary to stabilize nPB – to make it more reliable. This is where Poly Systems leads the way. Poly Systems holds formulation patents in stabilizing nPB, its stabilizer is an industry leader. In fact Poly Systems is the only company in the world that holds a patent for nPB stabilization that is actually in use. We are very proud of our US patent No. 6,660,701,




These are some of the immediate benefits you will see when switching to Fabrisolv™ XL

Save time!

  • Shorter cycles are needed.
  • Less spotting is needed.

Save energy!

  • The solvent is distilled (cooked) at 158ºF – not 250ºF like PERC.
  • Lower steam pressure – from 80psi down to 15-20psi.
  • Dry cycle runs at only 110º-120ºF!

While any nPB can essentially replace PERC in your machines, its only the stabilized nPB that will provide the best results. The laboratories at Poly Systems have run Fabrisolv™ XL through various machines, including actual field testing with dry cleaners, sampling the material after every run. Fabrisolv™ XL came out with flying colors.

Fabrisolv™ XL is such an effective solvent that you will have to do less work to get the results you get from PERC: much of the post-spotting will not be necessary; the carbon filter on your machine will not be needed- if anything Fabrisolv™ XL can clean your carbon filter. Fabrisolv™ XL and Fabrisoap™ will keep the dirt in suspension all the way to the distiller.



Save money!

  • You will need less detergent.
  • No need for carbon filters.
  • Bleach is needed less.

Increase productivity!

  • 33% more output per machine per day.
  • No redeposition of dyes.
  • Less pre- and post-spotting.

Fabrisolv™ XL penetrates better and works better, keeping the quality of the fabric and most importantly – keeping customers happy.

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