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Poly Systems is the leader in Brominated-solvent formulations, applications and sales. We take our business seriously, so years back when we first thought of dry-cleaning applications for our products, we tested it thoroughly. We learned the dry-cleaning market and before we took the last step into dry-cleaning chemistry we decided to look at the dry-cleaning industry from the inside.


Fabrisolv™ XL has been approved by the EPA.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the use of Fabrisolv™ XL under SNAP, acronym for Significant New Alternatives Policy program.

What does this mean? That the EPA accepted the chemical agent in Fabrisolv™ XL as an alternative to other Ozone Depleting Chemicals. Fabrisolv™ XL is here to help dry-cleaners phase off PERC, and move onto a new environmentally viable alternative.


Our chemical engineer, Dov, was sent to a course at IFI, learning what it takes to start dry-cleaning. The people at IFI are true expert in their field; we recommend them to any one with cleaning issues.

Here's his CERTIFICATE (go ahead- click).

*Now we have the best Brominated-solvents in dry cleaning chemicals, and the best dry-cleaners in the Brominated-solvents field. ;)


For the entire ruling by the EPA:
nPB SNAP Final Rule

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