Fabrisolv™ XLis a dry-cleaning fluid especially engineered to replace PERC in dry-cleaning application; it is non-hazardous, non-flammable, user friendly, and environmentally sound.


For many years the Dry-Cleaning industry has been looking for ways to “go green”, finding an environmentally-responsible solution while remaining profitable at the same time. Some opportunities have appeared, but most of them are simply not practical.

Up until now, all of the alternative dry-cleaning processes have asked dry cleaners to sacrifice something- certain solvents require longer cycles, certain solvents require expensive machinery, and certain solvents simply don’t clean as well.


Best of all, Fabrisolv™ XL will work in your existing PERC machine. Empty your machine from PERC, make a few simple adjustments (with the help of your machine service person), fill it up with Fabrisolv™ XL and you’re good to go.

Fabrisolv™ XL has no flash-point, has lower boiling-point than PERC and higher solvency. These characteristics significantly reduce energy consumption, shorten wash cycle time (more loads per machine per day).


Unlike the other alternatives, Fabrisolv™ XL was specifically designed to replace PERC. It handles like PERC everywhere it is needed, and in many places – even better!




So what exactly is Fabrisolv™ XL?

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